Neptune Niner
is the explorative lab of Callie Mc. Driven by her curiosity for various disciplines and worlds, she unearthed a space for research and exploration.
    START...The New York Dimes reports, “An interplanetary probe has been spotted. We believe this to be friendly contact.”
    And NASA (The National Atomic Speculation Association) stated in an interview that, “It calls itself Neptune Niner and believes its only responsibility is to float around, collect no data, and sometimes produce fictitious design concepts.”...STOP

    Neptune Niner is located on Earth. By appointment only. +30AU(ººº)ººº-ºººº

This is a work of fiction. Names and designs either are the product of the creator’s imagination or are used fictitously. Any resemblance to actual persons, events, or companies is entirely coincidental.

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